Science Behind Trivedi Effect

The Trivedi Science™

The “Trivedi Effect®” is a natural phenomenon that, when transmitted by an individual, has the ability to transform living organisms and non-living materials to perform at an elevated level to serve a greater purpose. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi (commonly referred to as Mr. Guruji) was born with this unique ability to transform living and non-living matter. In 2009 he founded the non-profit organization The Trivedi Foundation™ to work with major research institutes and universities in order to establish a new scientific paradigm on this planet, through the application of the Trivedi Effect®. In collaboration with scientific researchers from various scientific fields in countries like India, USA, Australia, Canada and Germany, Mahendra Trivedi astonished the world with over 4,000 studies revealing phenomenal results by substantiating his distinct ability through scientific measurement, validation and documentation, eventually leading to several publications in several major peer-reviewed, international journals. Currently, Mahendra Trivedi, Dahryn Trivedi and Master Gopalare known to possess the ability to transmit the “Trivedi Effect®.”

Impact on Agriculture

Mahendra Trivedi transmitted energyto more than 40 different varieties of seeds, crops, plants and plant tissue culture cells without using any chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides, weedicides or genetic engineering agents. The adaptive and evolutionary changes that occurred in these experiments were purely organic. The crops received only sunlight and water in addition to the energy transmission. Various experiments are being carried out under the “Dapoli Project” on crops like mustard, cow pea, horse gram, peanut, chili, eggplant, watermelon, patchouli, mango, cashew, cotton, okra, soybean and rice.

The observations included an increased yield in crops of up to 500% and an enhanced immunity of more than 600%, including higher resistance to diseases caused by fungi, bacteria, pests and weeds. Also, an improvement in viability and luster by up to 300% was confirmed by bioluminescence tests. There were notable changes in adaptation and morphology. These adaptations were purely natural, unlike gene modifications performed in a laboratory. Biochemical parameters like chlorophyll a & b, auxin IAA and glutathione were greatly improved. These experiments also proved to improve the shelf-life of crops.

Impact on Genetics

Various experiments were conducted on over 40 plant species and 22 bacterial species with the help of DNA fingerprinting tests using RAPD analysis, SSR and 16 S rDNA. The results showed polymorphisms (alterations) in all DNA samples, which were tested with RAPD markers to the values of 69% in plants and 79% in bacteria. Some ongoing plant genetic experiments are being conducted on crops like tomato, brassica, cashew and cotton.

Impact on Microbiology

About 100 bacterial and fungal species were subjected to experiments, including 39 samples of Tuberculosis (mycobacteria). Experiments were also performed on 4 viral species. ThroughMicroscan Walkaway analysis, changes were detected in biochemical characteristics and patterns of antibiotic sensitivity in various pathogenic bacteria. There was an observed reduction in HIV, Hepatitis B and C, and Cytomegalovirus viral loads. Even multiple drug-resistant species of tuberculosis showed a response in sensitivity to antibiotics. Ongoing projects include bacteriology, lyophilized bacteria, ATCC strains from Bangalore Genei, Mycobacteriology and virology.

Impact on Oncology

Endometrial, prostate, and brain cancer cell lines were subjected to various experiments. The observations found in the treated cells showed reverse mutation as cancerous cells from the endometrium and prostate were transformed into non-cancerous cells. In the brain cancer pilot study, Mahendra Trivedi blessed a combination of normal cells and cancerous cells. The energy had the intelligence/selective efficacy to kill the cancerous cells, while at the same time was able to promote the viability of the healthy cells.

Impact on Materials Science

Over 255 metal, ceramic, polymer, organic compound and inorganic compound varieties were subjected to experimentation using diffraction, spectroscopy, chromatography and microscopy techniques. The observed results included alterations in the size and structure of the atom, specific heat, boiling points and melting points. More than 400% of mass-energy inter-conversion was observed. Studies like X-ray diffraction, particle size analysis, surface area determination, electron spin resonance, thermal analysis, scanning electron microscopy, C-H-N-S-O analysis, mass spectroscopy and experiments on remote energy transmissions are currently underway.

Human Wellness

There have been thousands of human testimonials from people partaking in energy transmission programs by the organization Trivedi Master Wellness™, founded by Mahendra Trivedi in 2011. People’s experiences have been life-altering and beyond the scope of modern medicine. Many have reported improvements in their finances, careers, business, and relationships; relief from sleep apnea, sleep disorder, fatigue, chronic fatigue, anxiety, social anxiety, depression, manic depression, stress, ADD, ADHD, and psychosomatic disorders; greater mental peace, calmness, clarity, focus, libido, sexual enjoyment and performance; there have been drastic results in autistic children and those suffering from auto-immune diseases, and many other benefits that could only be attributed to the energy transmissions from Mahendra Trivedi and his wife, Dahryn Trivedi.

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