Golf History – An Overview

The analysis of history of golf by the historians reveal several fascinating facts which makes us more curious and anxious in knowing the origin and evolution of this fantastic game-‘golf’. Historians are under great dilemma in determining the history and origin of golf because the Chinese history, Dutch history, and Scottish history has evidences regarding the origin of golf in their country.

So historians are in a fix in tracing the history of golf. When we analyze the origin of golf in Chinese history, it is said in their history that the early Chinese people played a game much similar to golf which had the rules almost similar to present day golf. Such a reference is made in a Chinese book called Dongxuan Records. But the Dutch history claims the Dutch as the founders of golf. In Dutch history it is said that in 13th century A.D the Dutch played a game in which the player has a stick and the player hits the ball made of leather similar to a golf ball. The criteria for winning this golf game (in history); is similar to golf in which the player who hits the ball to the target at maximum distance is regarded as the winner.

The history of Scottish people reveals that they played a game much synonymous with golf and the historical golf game they played was called ‘gowf’. The Scotts argue that they are the inventors of golf based on their history and the origin of golf is Scotland. But modern historians believe that this game called ‘gowf’ is not similar to ‘golf’ but it is synonymous to ‘hockey’. But the Scotts still do not agree with it. The Dutch refer to the ancient words in their language like ‘kolf’ the meaning of which may be bat or stick. Further evidences in the history of golf are being continuously analyzed by the historians. They have found out a picture in England which reveals that the history of golf starts from 1340. Of all the courts in the world, the Musselburgh court acts as living historical evidence because it shows that the Scotts played golf quite often right from fifteenth century. The Scottish queen Mary often played this game in the same court.

Recent analysis on the origin and history of golf was made by a Chinese lecturer name professor. Ling Hongling. He says that the origin of golf is traced to China because the Chinese played this game in early eleventh centuries. Golf as per their history was played by the Chinese monarchy named ‘song dynasty’.

But the Scotts say that the present ay golf courts has evolved from Scotland and the reference was Scottish history in which it is said the ancient Scottish golf grounds was featured with 18 cups much synonymous to modern golf courts.

When compared to the ancient equipments the modern equipments are quite advanced. History of golf reveals that the ancient golf players used feather filled leather balls. But now the ball is made of several complex polymers. The clubs have evolved from ordinary wooden clubs in history to plastic and other polymer based ones. Newer designs in golf balls have been found out in 1980s.Several inventions are made in the history of golf which includes metallic tee instead of the ancient wooden tee. In the later days the shafts were made of compounds of graphite instead of wood.

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